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The ONLY Lehigh Valley Trainer with The HAPPIEST Dogs!

If you want me to personally work with your dog during the event, Demo Dog tickets are limited to 2 dogs and open 1 week before the event. If your dog has a behavior problem and you would like to bring them to the event please describe the behavior problem when you apply for your free ticket. This helps me better prepare and give you and your dog the best experience possible.

Please RSVP on EventBrite.

1091 Mill Creek Road, Allentown, PA 18106

Phone:  484-619-3554

Email: Caitlin@CaitlinsAnimals.com

Caitlin’s Animal Training is the only business focusing on behavior and training for all animal species in the area. We are well versed in the science of Applied Behavior Analysis and help owners become their own “Dr. Dolittle” so they may “talk” to their animals.


1. Learn a fun and cute trick with your dog.
2. Get your questions answered about behavior, agility, puppies, obedience, service dogs, therapy dogs, and ESA dogs.
3. Get focused 1 on 1 time from the Lehigh Valley’s most well versed animal trainer.
4. Personalized homework tailored to your specific situation and dog’s needs.

Please RSVP on EventBrite.

Keep in mind that I have limited space for each event and I max out at 2 doggie participants!

If you plan on attending please bring the rest of the family with you. I am a strong believer in helping teach the family in all group classes.

Each able member is given a turn in teaching their newly learned skills in class, with the direct guidance of the teacher. This is a rare sight in ANY classroom and I pride myself in providing the clear and constructive coaching that other Lehigh Valley Dog Training classes CAN’T offer. 

My classes are able to provide the highest quality coaching because I keep my class sizes small. You will never see 20 dogs in a single class.

I can help you with:

General admission opens 2 weeks before the event. This gives you a free seat to attend the event. Please only 1 child per adult at the training. No dogs are allowed to be demo-ed during the event for this ticket type.

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