About Me

When growing up Caitlin was influenced by the 1967 musical “Doctor Dolittle” and was so infatuated with the idea of talking with the animals that she named her first pet Polly, after Dolittle’s macaw, Polynesia.
In pursuit of becoming a “Dr. Dolittle” herself, Caitlin began volunteering for the local parks and rec department when she was 15 and continued to gain experience at local rescues, zoos, and aquariums eventually turning into a Zookeeping career. At the age of 16 she started traveling across the US to attend and learn from conferences every year. She hasn’t missed a trip yet. Caitlin graduated college with an Integrative Animal Biology degree and minor in Psychology.
Caitlin’s Animal Training was formed with the core value of “first, do no harm” when training. By providing in-home puppy raising packages and Service Dog coaching using this philosophy, Caitlin closes the knowledge gap in the community by using up to date and effective modern training techniques. Her goal is for everyone to become their own “Dr. Dolittle”.
Caitlin currently shares her home with a Parrotlet, a Giant Day Gecko, and Reiver her Australian Koolie dog.
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My Mission

To help every person become their own “Dr. Dolittle” through teaching them:
  • Fun and interactive training lessons
  • Accurate skills in interpreting animal body language
  • How to identify and reinforce desired behaviors when they occur
  • To solve behavior concerns by avoiding long-term, cognitively damaging techniques

Animal Behavior Work

Professional Memberships & Certifications

The Pet Professional Guild

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Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

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