When growing up Caitlin was influenced by the 1967 musical “Doctor Dolittle” and was so infatuated with the idea of talking with the animals that she named her first pet Polly, after Dolittle’s macaw, Polynesia.
In pursuit of becoming a “Dr. Dolittle” herself, Caitlin began volunteering for the local parks and rec department when she was 15 and continued to gain experience at local rescues, zoos, and aquariums eventually turning into a Zookeeping career. At the age of 16 she started traveling across the US to attend and learn from conferences every year. She hasn’t missed a trip yet. Caitlin graduated college with an Integrative Animal Biology degree and minor in Psychology.
Caitlin’s Animal Training was formed with the core value of “first, do no harm” when training. By providing in-home puppy raising packages and Service Dog coaching using this philosophy, Caitlin closes the knowledge gap in the community by using up to date and effective modern training techniques. Her goal is for everyone to become their own “Dr. Dolittle”.
Caitlin currently shares her home with a Parrotlet, a Giant Day Gecko, and Reiver her Australian Koolie dog.

In an astonishing turn of events, a dog has been found in Las Vegas with a pack of wild coyotes. The dog, named Ghost, had been missing for six months when he was finally captured by animal rescuers, Susan McMullen and Carol Sandy. The pair discovered that Ghost had numerous sores and bite marks, likely from his time in the wild with the pack.

The discovery of a dog living with wild coyotes has sparked national attention and comparisons to the legend of a boy raised in the wild by wolves. The story of Ghost the dog has left many people with questions, including who owns the dog and where did he come from.

The ownership battle began when Christy Cabana claimed that the dog was hers. She produced a photograph of her six-month-old puppy with a similar nose, claiming that the spots on the skin had darkened over the six months that the dog was missing. Cabana’s claim was contested by animal rescuers who had doubts about the validity of her story.

The story of Ghost raises questions about the domestication of dogs and their behavior in the wild. Typically, dogs are scavengers that form loose packs during the day but disperse later on, never staying with the same dogs. It is rare for dogs to interact with non-domesticated canine species in the wild.

The story of Ghost highlights the importance of proper pet ownership and safety. Pets should always be kept within secure boundaries to prevent them from running away or being taken by wild animals. Vaccinations are also essential for pets, especially when they spend time outdoors.

In conclusion, the story of Ghost the dog is a reminder that the world is full of surprises, and anything can happen. It is a cautionary tale about the importance of responsible pet ownership and the risks that pets face in the wild. It also raises fascinating questions about the behavior of domesticated dogs in the wild and their interactions with other animals. The story of Ghost is a captivating tale that has captured the imagination of people across the country.

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