Not to Fear, Your New Dog Pulling Skills are Here!

Dog pulling you down the street? Not to fear, your new skills are here! This class never fails a student or their owners because Caitlin realizes that everyone learns at their own pace. Get your needs immediately met and understand the unique reason why your dog pulls and how to address it.


Loose Leash Dog Walking   $50

5:30PM – 6:30PM

PetValu on Millcreek Rd

Kind and humane animal training when you need it most. A proven track record of transforming barking, lunging, and pulling dogs into fun companions. In this one time, 60 minute dog training class you will learn why your dog pulls and how to prevent it. Learn tried-and-true methods that make dog walks enjoyable again! Come back as often as you need to practice because everybody needs practice!

Dogs pull for a variety of reasons. Most people have a general sense of why their specific dog pulls but don’t know how to use the dog’s natural motivations to change behavior. This is where I step in! Dog pulling is one-way communication of your dog telling you what to do. It doesn’t matter if you have the smallest Teacup Yorkie or the biggest 200 lb Mastiff. Establishing two-way communications where your dog is overjoyed to do what you ask is the key to long-term, happy success.

dog pulling
Kids can do it too!

Topics Include:

*Why dog pulling is more common than you think

*Calmly walking out the door

*Preventing barking on walks

*Greeting people politely

*How to transition to off-leash without ever using a shock collar


4′ leash

Front or back clipping harness

Soft treats (or your dog’s favorite)

Clicker (optional)

Treat pouch (optional)

Wait to feed your dog 4 hours before class.

Please wear shoes to class. Nothing open-toed or sandals.

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