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Any dog and owner who is willing and able to put in the work can become a therapy dog team. Our therapy dog program consists of three modules, not all of which you have to take. Some dog handler teams graduate much faster than others. In this class you will learn the proper etiquette of therapy dog teams, how to have a calm and focused dog, and how to work around distractions with your dog. Field trips are built-in to the class.


Q & A

Who makes the best Therapy Dog team? – Dedicated owners and happy dogs! Our best students come to us at 8 to 12 weeks of age and take our Puppy Class & Teenager Classes. However if you have a dog you think could be Therapy Dog material and you have the dedication to learn quality training skills, contact us!

Is this a big class? – No! I cap my students at 4 dogs with their handlers. This ensures that I get one-on-one time with each of  my students. And our student quality shows!

How long is the class? – Each class is 60 minutes, once a week for 6 weeks.

Why are there so many modules? – Each dog and handler go at their own pace. It is typical that only 2 modules (12 weeks) are needed, however some students may need more, or less time. At Caitlin’s Animal Training we like to make sure our handler teams are fully, and thoroughly prepared.

What if I want to be the only student? – We also offer private Therapy Dog sessions. Drop us a line!



Included in the 3 Courses:






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Loose leash walking

Greetings without jumping

Referral to a Therapy Dog Group