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Udell and her brother, Ugg.

dog treats allentown

Udell and her brother, Ugg, had problems with people visiting the house.

To inquire about your specific case you may do so with the Behavior Problem Inquiry form. I am a strong believer in preventing problems before they occur. If you are a new puppy owner you can learn how to raise the best puppy possible by signing up for our Group or Private Obedience Classes. By choosing to partner with me you will learn how to prevent the most common, and life changing behavior problems you dog could face in it’s lifetime. I work with a variety of behavior problems including but not limited to:

Dog training always comes down to behavior, and a majority of dog cases I receive are related to problem behaviors. With the ever growing trend of adopting dogs from poor living conditions the need for a better prepared and educated public is critical. Dog training is not just “make sure they listen, or else” it is a partnership based on trust. When you adopt a dog that needs a little (or a lot!) of help I’ve seen them all.

I will work with you and your dog from the comfort of your own home. Many of my clients work a 9 – 5 job and often have children with extracurricular activities. My job is to collaborate with you and your schedule to make the training and education process work. You won’t find that from other trainers!

While the majority of the work I do is dog training related I come from a Zoological background. This means that I have a variety of experience with reading, interpreting, reacting to, and observing animal behavior from Alpacas through Zebras. Working with so many species helps a person immensely with their training skills. Animals that I specialize in include but are not limited to parrots, birds of prey, reptiles, and hoofstock. Check out our Calendar for class times and our Virtual Services Pricing Sheet as well as our Lehigh Valley Pricing Sheet.