Life never takes us on a straight path. Like the knotted and beveled shaped of dragonwood it curves and twists into an unexpected journey.

titan hand

I never thought I would end up where I am today. While I have always had a passion and endless facination with animals, I did not think I would be a business owner working for myself. I figured that one day in retirement, after working loally to a company for 30+ years, I would start what I really wanted to do with the small amount of savings I had aquired through the company’s retirement matching plan. And I was thinking this at the age of 22.

The dream was that, in retirement, I would buy a ranch home with some acrage. From there I would own a menagarie of animals to train, make baby animals, and enjoy hosting educational events. I wanted to have a place where animals were happy and promote the training required to keep them that way. That is still the dream I have, but I’m not waiting for retirement this time.

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