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Trainers see a rise in ‘fake’ service dogs

The rise of fake service dogs has prompted organizations to educate the public about what service dogs do and what distinguishes them from emotional support dogs and therapy dogs. Service dogs undergo rigorous training that can take up to two years. They are trained to perform specific tasks for a person's disability, which sets them apart from emotional support dogs and therapy dogs.

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Puppies in the News!

puppy articles don't always um have the best advice because the dog training industry is unregulated and there's a lot of old information circling it circulating out there so let's Dive Right In Katara a puppy at Second Chance Humane Society is waiting patiently for a heavy uh a forever haul this is Proud by Lee Lee Walter if you're a parent or have spent time around babies you know they put everything in their mouths toys fingers clothing literally anything and everything putting toys in other household objects in their mouth allows babies to discover the taste and texture of different objects but human babies typically don't have a mouth full of sharp needle-like teeth like canine babies

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ADA Court Case

Looking to train your own Service Dog? Join me on the Facebook group Service Dog Prep! https://youtu.be/8RBwQLiejgsI'm Caitlin bird from Caitlin's animal training where I train service dogs and we've…

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Service Dog goes to Cornell Lab

I just have to say I highly appreciate the person who wrote the SOP for service dogs in the lab. I'm just gonna tell you that right now the original person who did that, she has I believe, a golden retriever. She wrote the SOP on service dogs in Labs and it looks like this is the first dog that I've seen in a lab besides hers! So this is pretty exciting stuff. Let's get into it.

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