Santos Allegedly Stole from a Veteran?

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all right guys we’re here back with another article this is from uh it’s in Michigan and they’ve got some news about changing laws with service animals in Michigan this is different in every state okay I’m I haven’t read all this I haven’t watched a little news video over here but from what I’m understanding already is that um protection for service dogs and their handlers varies by state okay if you are a person who already has a trained service dog that’s a different story then if you’re a trainer who is Raising and trading a service dog in training for a person who needs it um not everybody has the same rights depending on where along that process is fortunately here in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania they do protect the rights of trainers and service dogs in training but it sounds like that’s not the case that it was over in Michigan so let’s take a look service animal law expanding to include animal trainers all right um Lansing Michigan a Michigan law concerning service animals is undergoing some changes in 2023. according to sinas dreamus attorney Brian Waldman the law is being expanded to allow those who train service animals to bring them into public spaces the law was expanded because it essentially recognized or the legislator recognized that to train service animals you have to take them out into the real world said Wellman wow what a revelation [Laughter] really previously the law primarily protected those who have registered service animals and bring them into public spaces but what exactly is a service dog listen we’ll tell you right now at least next two paragraphs is not going to adequately educate anybody on this topic who doesn’t already know what a service dog is let’s see but let’s see let’s give him a chance okay let’s give him a chance service animal is different than emotional support companion or therapy animal this is true service animal in the dog or a miniature horse that has that’s trained to do a specific task to help someone with a recognized disability also true um I wonder if the dots updated their guidelines about many horses yeah uh interesting so a lot of times if if you’re someone who’s allergic to dogs a good alternative can be a miniature horse just just to put that out there business owners will be able to ask the owner or trainer of the service dog to leave if the animal is not housebroken the animal is out of control and the owner or trainer is not taking steps to control the animal that’s how it’s always been with the Ada um so good I’m glad you know the Ada laws congratulations but um I mean there was a video just the other day oh I needed to cover that I don’t know if you guys saw the video It’s All Over tick tock where there’s this dog barking and causing a huge disturbance and the owner claims that it’s a service dog and the manager and this is at Walmart too is too afraid to kick the dog out for misbehaving even though now you have video evidence and proof like the Ada law covers that now I still have questions about if you need video proof on that um luckily they they do have it but it’s it’s negligence honestly especially if it’s a job that could be aggressive it puts a lot of service dogs out of commission every year because these big box stores are afraid to get sued for not allowing the service dog in but that’s not what this is anymore this is about kicking out a dog who’s actually causing a disturbance so um there’s there’s a lot of problems in the U.S about that and I I have some questions and I need answered about um how what you can do to protect yourself honestly I think a GoPro is the way to go to to be honest at this point in life I think the way the law currently is because the Ada is only like what 20 30 years old I think at this point it’s it’s important just to have a GoPro on your dog if if you’re worried about that kind of thing all right let’s watch this article support animals one of the laws that the legislature passed that will take effect in 2023 has to do with the training of service
animals we currently have a law in Michigan that says places that are open up to the public like restaurants can’t discriminate against people who have service animals or ask them to leave or prevent them from coming into the public place because of the fact that they do have a service animal and and the law was expanded because it essentially recognized through the legislature recognized that to train service animals you have to take them into the real world and so now now not only the owners will be allowed to have the protections of this law but also the people that train service animals and to understand this law it’s really important to understand what is a service animal a service animal is different than an emotional support companion or therapy animal a service animal is a dog or a miniature horse that’s trained to do a specific task to help someone with a recognized disability and and so the distinction would be uh you know an emotional support animal might help calm someone who has say PTSD but maybe therapy or service animal I’m sorry would actually be trained to do a specific task for example if the person was having a PTSD episode or maybe even anticipation of one the therapy dog or animal would take that person to a safe place actually perform a task as opposed to just be there for emotional support or to calm the person and the other important thing to know about this law is for business owners you can under certain exceptions or a certain
situation thank you so what this guy is saying is true but also one of the bits of information is not quite right I I would want him to be a little more specific in how he says the dog calms the person because calming a person is not a task you can alert you can have a dog respond to an episode um but I can easily see how calming a person can easily become misinterpreted as emotional support which is what an emotional support animal is for and they’re not allowed on public right the only and loud and uh pet friendly areas so I just I wish he had worded that a little bit better just ask the therapy animals a Believer the owner of the trainer that they’re oh no he did it no he interchanged it he interchanged service dog with therapy animal hi I really questioned some of these lawmakers like who is this guy a mission yeah this is the guy this is who mentioned earlier uh where is he Waldman Waldman get your facts straight I am mildly disappointed in you actually I’m strongly disappointed you because you should know the law you work at a law firm the animal if the therapy animal’s not house broken or if the animal is out of therapy animal and the owner or trainer is not taking affirmative steps to control the animal and then people also also also I want to point out how confident does he look like he’s actually talking about the subject right now he’s kind of stubborn stuttering over his words I was just stuttering  I don’t know but he’s like fumbling over his words he doesn’t look super confident about it like I feel like they just threw this on him in the office like here you go I need we needed you to go talk to the news this is this isn’t your case but we have
nobody else available because everybody else is on vacation like giving me that total of vibe obviously completely inappropriate to fake that it’s a service animal there
are serious penalties if you do I believe the penalty is a thousand dollar fine the first time someone is caught faking that they’re with a service animal to get the animal into a public place and I believe it’s two thousand dollars for the second offense
you know what I forgot hold on hold on I forgot about that I need to Google something okay I can’t even spell my staring Pennsylvania baking service dog do we even have that 23 States laws on it fake does a lot of pretty weird dogs with disability rates PA what when is it a crime for a person to be denied access to facility no no it’s no I don’t want to stare hold on hold on oh wait I’m sorry guys there you go you guys there you go you might want to see that okay we got we got we gotta finding the page foreign service dog animal laws by state New Jersey you’re right next door what about New York New York is what the frick Pennsylvania holy cannoli all right I am not impressed all right good to know good to know no fines anyways this leads me on to the next topic now that we know that information George Santos has been accused of fraud for scamming a veteran out of cancer treatment for his dog and it was back in 2016 2017. well we’ll get into it they’ll tell us in the article I don’t remember exactly what year but I’m like if it’s true let’s watch wait there we go now we can watch this is from NBC calling out embattled Congressman George Santos actually a shame moves up but he doesn’t have shame he does he’s a psychopath Richard ossoff claims helped to race thousands of dollars for a cancer treatment for his therapy dog and then never came through with the cash then again the more I research and look into different personality disorders it’s not uncommon um for people seeking high levels of power to be narcissistic Psychopathic lack of motion lack of this veteran is saying shame so and listen I didn’t I I feel so skied out for voting for people that I do not know on a personal level for that exact reason just just say it I was so limited I realized that this guy is now a certain congressman you really deserve that job the dog Sapphire never received the treatment and later died Santos did not respond to NBC news but told semaphore the story is not true this accusation comes at the same time as a new revelation contradicts a major Claim by Santos that his mother was quote in her office in the south tower on September 11th but genealogist Alex kazalreth acquired immigration records from the Fatima
devolder and shared those with NBC that showed she applies since 1999. right now Santos faces five possible investigations the voters of his district have elected him he is seated he is part of the Republican conference Santos is not freshly at both on the house small business committee and the science space and Technology committee and will continue to serve in Congress despite calls from fellow New York members to step down I don’t think there’s any way he could possibly perform his duty and despite this new round of accusations still refuses to engage in even basic questions about the inconsistencies in his background he has admitted that he’s embellished his resume but claims he is not a fraud those are some strong allegations there’s another news piece here Hey sir how can I help you um I’ll have to read on the screen for you but uh there’s some more information is that representative or I don’t know I don’t know these things I’m a dog trainer what do you want from me representative George Santos allegedly conned a disabled homeless veteran resulting in the death of his beloved service dog a new report from the patch says that the veteran Richard offstaff met the disgraced representative ah wait there was the time uh in 2016. hold on I can’t read that fast I mean I can read it but like reading and saying it’s different um while he was going through a tough time his life and living with his dog Sapphire and a tent on the side of a New Jersey Road sadly Sapphire was suffering from a life-fergen stomach tumor which would cost three thousand dollars to remove and that’s huge like did you see that tumor do you see that that’s when Santos who introduced himself has Anthony devalder and claimed to run a pet charity came into office soft’s life I want to know what Santos was doing in 2016. I feel like this requires more investigation Santos allegedly raised the funds for the dog surgery on GoFundMe but then shut it down and disappeared once the goal was met the Navy vet now 47 never saw a penny the donations of the love service dog died on January 15 2017. according to report a text exchange Santos claimed that he instead donated three thousand dollars to other dogs in need again we don’t know this is all a legend we don’t know if he was using that phone number at the time to text okay we don’t even know if this is the same person for sure but there definitely needs to be some investigation foreign all right guys that is it I’m gonna have to wrap this up thank you so much for joining me um good news bad news conflicting news all
the news about service dog is here at Caitlin’s animal training um please if you haven’t already check me out on my socials um I put a lot of work and effort into my TikTok these days but you also follow me on Instagram Facebook all the handles are at Caitlyn’s animals and that’s my reminder for client meeting I will see you guys later thank you so much for joining and um have a great rest of your week guys
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