Teach Your Dog to Potty IN the House!


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Tip #1. Use Pee Pads.

Super convenient for apartment dwellers and for people without a backyard. Pee pads are soft and luxurious on your dog’s paws, it simulates the feel of your carpet and bed’s comforter! Say goodbye to using grass that feels too crunchy on little toes. Outdoor weeing is over-rated. And under NO circumstance should real sod or fake grass be used.

Tip #2. Leave the dog unsupervised in the backyard.

Don’t use a leash to walk your dog to where you want it to potty in the backyard, it’s too inconvenient! Instead, let it run off leash to sniff and explore and let it forget about taking a piss in the backyard. Let your dog back in when it barks at the door and just assume it took care of business. This dog is sooo trustworthy already so let it back in without checking! After all, we want those carpets as stinky and e. coli laden as fast as possible!

Tip #3. Let your dog free roam in the house after it didn’t potty outside.

If your dog didn’t potty outside just let it back in! Do NOT leash your dog as soon as they get back in the house. After all, supervision would prevent the next potty accident in your home. Why would you want a clean house? Pee is the best accessory.

Tip #4. Avoid using Baby Gates and Crates.

Let them roam and be free! Go ahead and let your dog out of your sight at all times. DO NOT use a crate, baby gates, or a leash to keep and eye on them and prevent potty accidents. Accidents happen! And they will keep happening for the rest of your dog’s life. Now let’s celebrate by stepping in Winnie’s urine.

Tip #5. Leave a bowl of dog food out all day.

Dogs consistently poop either before or after a meal. Rather than structuring mealtimes to easily predict when soiling may occur, let your dog go hog-wild! Not knowing when your dog needs to go makes it into a fun guessing game: When will he go next? We may never know!

In all seriousness, potty training takes frequent monitoring and consistency. It is one of the most straightforward problems I am asked to help with. If you or a friend needs a coach to help potty train your dog drop me line!

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