Service Dog Scam Artist Goes to Jail – Late Night Chat #04

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“Apex Ry-Con service drug supplier Mark Mathis turns himself in, faces 42 charges.”

He’s been putting a lot of people at risk cuz he’s been selling expensive pet dogs. We talked about this on our last live stream where people are providing these untrained, under trained, more likely to be trained as aggressive dogs than anything else, and this guy was apparently caught fudging documents providing dogs that ended up biting people and hurting other dogs. He was trying to pass them off as service dogs as if they were trained and selling them anywhere from I think around $4,000 to $13,000 each. Again just a very expensive pets. And even then it’s worse off than you raising your own animal if you know what you’re doing. So without further ado here is Mark Mathis.

“A man who breeds service dogs for children who have autism was indicted on 42 criminal charges in Wake County has now turned himself in. Mark Mathis owns Ry-Con in Apex, NC.  The nonprofit sold service dogs which he claimed were specially trained. We profiled Mathis in 2016 and last year interviewed a family who said they bought a dog that wasn’t properly trained. The state attorney general’s office says people pay between four thousand five hundred and sixteen thousand dollars for the service dogs, but then had serious problems like fighting with other dogs and biting family members.”

“The sheriff office said that detectives interviewed multiple Ry-Con employees who have worked for the company during the past several years who stated that Mathis knew there was  ‘a lack of training being being done with the dogs.’ Employees, who were not certified trainers…”

Do I really have to go over this? People working with dogs don’t have to be certified. It’s not a requirement, it’s more of a voluntary voluntary option. Now that being said not all certified trainers are great and not all uncertified trainers are terrible.

But if you are a business hiring people off the streets without experience or education of dog training and you are trying to get them into work for you. that’s obviously a no brainer, stupid thing to do. So anyways these non-certified trainers

“…were instructed to falsify records to make it look as though the dogs are receiving the required training. The sheriff’s office said Thursday.”

So you’re trying to see if a paper trail is the thing that’s gonna cover it up? And you’re going to make excuses to why the dog bit somebody or broke out in a fight with your family dog? I don’t understand this, this is just as bad as last week’s person who gave what, three hours worth of instructions to how to handle the trained dog to a lady whos Church raised money to pay for a fifteen thousand dollar service dog, and the guy just said okay give us the money and here’s only three hours worth of instruction to work with your dog? That’s it! We wash our hands of it? The dog would still be pulling outside, be distracted, even reactive to other dogs too. It was ridiculous and she wasn’t the only person who had those kind of complaints.

However Mathis apparently turned himself in. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I can’t understand how something like this could even start. Especially since the results speak to how good your training program is. It’s easily able to be seen. Oh I don’t even understand, I don’t understand.

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