Autism Service Dog Needed for Young Girl

Young girl in need of service dog asks for community’s help.

This is about a young girl, i believe she has ADHD and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and she’s looking to get a service dog. They’re doing fundraising because you need to fundraise to train a service dog. I believe their minimum to get in for fundraising is $17,000 and this is their story.

So let’s learn more about this young girl in need of a service dog.

Girl is hoping she will soon have her very own service dog to help her deal with disabilities that she’s been living with for most of her life, ADHD and Autism.

Reporter: So ashley you met this little girl today to tell us how this dog would change her life.

Ashley: you know trisha simply going to a restaurant or a grocery store is a difficult task forthis 11 year old. she has adhd and autism but a special and very expensive four-legged friend could make everyday tasks much easier. Not only for isabella but her entire family.

Eleven-year-old Isabella is hoping she will soon have a service dog like this that will not only give her kisses anytime she wants but also help her live with a disability.

Megan (Mother): I look at it as she just thinks differently. There isn’t anything wrong with her or anything. Her brain just works differently.

Ashley: Isabella was diagnosed with ADHD when she was six and Autism about a year and a half ago. Her mom says this year has been especially difficult as Isabella went from elementary school to Harrison junior school.

Megan: She’s had very difficult times socializing with other children, making friends, things like that. We started looking into coping mechanisms for her that’s when they learn about service dogs.

They learn how to break their arms away from their face so if they’re hitting themselves or pulling their hair, if they’re having a panic attack they can do behavior disruption by laying over their legs.

Ashley: Bet a service dog is not cheap. They must raise $17,000 of their own money but thanks to an anonymous donor they will only need to come up with half of the $17,000.

Because of the financial strain and not knowing if they will raise that amount of money Megan didn’t want to tell Isabella about the dog until today. The prospect of having her very own service animal and friend.

Megan: It’s really sad to see her coming home upset because why won’t anybody be my friend? I really think a service dog will be that bridge that will really get her where she needs to be. if you would like to donate for Isabella to get a service dog through

[story sourced and edited from Cincinnati Fox 13 News]

So for anybody who is raising funds for their service dog it is so possible! Right? How long ago did this story come out January 21st, it’s three days later guys! And they reached more than their goal before their end date and they had that wonderful news story, you know, it’s just like when I was talking with eli’s parentsand raising funds for their service dog their goal was $25,000 and they had 15,000 donated by an anonymous donor through a check. Through a check!

It’s so possible if you treat it as a full-time job because if you can’t treat fundraising as a full-time job what makes you think you can go and train your service dog which is pretty much a full-time job?

It’s absolutely amazing. You can do it. It can happen you just need the chutzpah and you need to treat it as if you’re working 40 hours a week for this. But it’s totally possible, it’s 100% possible.

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