Service Dog Lost in Hudson River

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A service dog was rescued from under a pier two days after swimming across the Hudson River to New Jersey from Manhattan.
It’s not very long but I did find an article on YouTube about the exact same thing so we’ll see that when we’re done here.
Firefighters rescue a dog that swam from Manhattan to Jersey in the Hudson River. The dog’s owner said he slipped out of his collar while she was taking him to buy a new harness.
Firefighters said they found the dog under a pier near Independence Harbor. They rescued a dog who ran away from his owner and swam more than one mile across the Hudson River from Manhattan to New Jersey.
Right off the bat this gives me the vibes of either a very, very young dog or a very, very sound sensitive dog that bolts off. Because dogs don’t typically do that unless they have big feelings about something. Right away something’s up.
Firefighters with Edgewater fires said they found the dog under a pier near Independence Harbor early Tuesday morning according to WABC. The dog named bear had been missing for two days when firefighters found it in the river. Edgewater police received a call at around midnight on Tuesday morning about a barking dog near the pier. Bear’s owner Ellen Wolpin told WABC that she never expected to see bear again. Wolpin had just gotten Bear the week before to be a service dog for her son.
The week you’ve only had the puppy, a week. Everything’s already scary and I’m sure you know, a dog named bear, he had a picture of the dog no it’s probably a very large breed dog that’s growing fairly quickly, shouldn’t be slipping out of his collar.
Let’s see some breeds have very narrow heads. Let’s see do some investigation.
I never even expected to be telling this story wolf and said. My son is like ‘Make up a story that is more believable.’
So this lady got a service dog for her son and the kid’s like “Mom, if you didn’t want the dog you should have just told me that you got rid of them.” like can you imagine the backstory behind this?
“Mom make it more believable. I told you I need a service dog and you were against the idea the entire way. We’ve only had the dog for a week and it’s just like you to take the dog back now.” There’s some backstory..
Wolpin told NBC that bear slipped out of his collar while she was walking him to get a new harness in Manhattan and ran 30 blocks north before someone saw him jump into the Hudson River.
Can you imagine just running after your dog for 30 blocks? I bet you this dog came from somewhere that was not used to the city. Way overwhelmed, too much traffic, too many people. It doesn’t sound like a good fit anyway.
Wolpin said they called 911 to report bear was in the river and the patrol boats searched the river for hours.
Tom Quinton a representative for Edgewater fire told WABC that the two firemen got into the water with ice rescue suits to get bear out.
Wow. I’m surprised that dog even survived that long.
Wolpin said that bear is doing great after the ordeal and that you would never know he had this adventure. He’s given us a lifetime of happiness because of this. I say the dog is a fighter and so is my son.
It’s a weird thing to say isn’t it? I hope she’s referring to like the fire department because he’s given us a lifetime of happiness because of this. I couldn’t imagine that the scenario gave them that happiness… I don’t know.
I did find a YouTube clip so let’s watch that.
The mountain dog mix originally from Montana, a Burmese Leonberger mix named Bear. Originally from Montana he’s training to be a service dog with the Wolpin family on New York’s upper west side. But that training was put on hold last weekend when he ran down block. Ellen Wolpin was walking the pup to get a new harness when bear slipped out of his loose collar. Bear ended up running 30 blocks north ending up in this area where someone saw him jump into the Hudson River where he disappeared.
I didn’t even know the dog could swim so I ran home, I Googled, I called 9-1-1, they had Patrol boats out looking for him for hours. They couldn’t find him but after two and a half days and just when the Wolpin family had given up hope, this radio call came in.
Almost there was the outdoor fire department the fire boat is needed South peer of Independence Harbor for a dog that is stuck under the pier. Bear spotted by First Responders a half a mile across the river in Edgewater New Jersey. In the area where we’re here in the parking there is more, but I think you’ll be able to access the engine here and get eyes underneath. I thought somebody was joking with me because there’s no way but he was out the two and a half days by himself.
Firefighters with the Edgewater volunteers posting this photo of bear cold and wet but alive. I cannot thank the fire department and the police department enough from my understanding they were out there for about five hours trying to get him out from underneath the pier. The Wolpin family happy to have bear back home.
I wonder if that was the night they found him holy cannoli. I hope you guys enjoyed that article I’ll see you next time.

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