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Why Service Dogs Can Go Anywhere.

Edgar is a Service Dog that helps his handler (owner) with her seizures. He has been trained through thousands of hours to make sure she takes anti-seizure medications, call for medical help by pressing a specialized dog phone, and to pull his handler to safety if she has a seizure in an unsafe place. Edgar is his handler’s lifeline and helps her shop in the grocery store as well as other places where dog’s are not typically allowed.

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Missy is an Emotional Support Animal. She helps console her owner in her home and when she travels for vacations. Missy only went through a couple of obedience classes, not the rigorous training that took Edgar the Service Dog years to complete. Missy is not lawfully allowed to enter grocery stores. She is only allowed where pet dogs also have access.

Want to learn more about the differences between a Service Dog and Emotional Support Animals? Visit the ADA’s FAQ site.

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  1. Laura

    Hi! Would love to see a post on traveling with a small dog (in particular, airplanes – when the dog is small enough to be considered a carry-on). Especially on long flights, what is the best approach for keeping them safe, comfortable, calm, and what about the bathroom for long flights (6+ hours) and long layovers?? Thank you!!!

    1. Caitlin

      Is this a pet dog or Emotional Support Animal?

  2. Talia

    Knowing the difference between an ESA and a service dog can be confusing! Definitely make sure you read up on the difference before traveling with your pet, as there are different guidelines depending on how your furry friend helps you day to day 🙂 Sometimes people think that because my ESA has housing and travel accommodations means I can bring him with us on a lunch date, which is definitely not the case!

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