Service Dog Asked to Leave?! – Late Night Chat #03

It’s actually pretty interesting, this is not local news this is one is by the Columbus telegram so I’m assuming it’s in Columbus Ohio. This is actually a child with his supposed service dog here. I don’t know why there would be a kid with an Australian Cattle Dog as a service dog, that just seems like a really difficult and poor decision, but you never know right. They tend to be really high-energy dogs and you unless your kid is really on top of their training, I don’t see how it could help you in public at all. Maybe at your home but I would imagine it might be hard to get the training good and consistent out in public. Unless you’re like really boarding training your dog with somebody who knows what they’re doing. So the kids name is Jayden, poses for a photo with his dog Jack. Jack and Jayden, that’s cute.

The City of Columbus has come to a resolution on the city ordinance that limits the number of household dogs.

So I actually I looked at this one a little bit earlier normally I don’t look at any of the stories before I come and talk to them with you guys, to keep them new and fresh but I looked at this one a little bit earlier and apparently there’s a limit for dogs. I think it’s a limit of four dogs in this particular city and the issue is they’ve gone over that limit and that’s the service dog that’s over the limit. But it is a service dog so that’s why this is an interesting article. So let’s finish reading the entire thing.

As reported first last week on the telegram Katerina’s Svitak was sent a letter by the Columbus Police Department informing her that she had ten days in which to remove one of the family’s dogs from the household or face a citation and appearance in court. The Columbus Mayor reached out to the telegram on Tuesday afternoon indicating that a letter is being drawn up and that will allow Svitak to maintain their four dogs with the understanding that once one passes away it cannot be replaced.

Oh that’s nice okay that’s good so it looks like it was a little bit of an issue for a while but it came to a quick resolution.

The City of Columbus limits the number of dogs in the home to three. but the Svitaks had three when they acquired Jack the Australian Cattle Dog for their oldest son Jayden. Jayden was prescribed a service animal by his doctor nearly two years ago to help sense and lessen his anxiety attacks.

So that has me wondering if it’s actually an emotional support animal because those are usually prescribed by doctors. Normally a service animal is something you talk to your doctor about but they don’t actually need to provide an actual prescription. I’m sure they could provide a prescription but it’s not needed so I’m kind of wondering if the news story got this right. But even then they’re allowed housing through the FHA to have emotional support animals. Either way I mean that doesn’t affect the outcome. but I’m just kind of wondering about you know if these guys got it right or not.

The Vitaks said they originally checked with animal control in the spring of 2018 and were informed that a service animal would not violate the city ordinance because of its status. They went ahead and acquired Jack, had him trained and registered, and made him a member of a family.

So just let you guys know and I cover this every single week but every single week I have new people on my live stream so I have to be really repetitive with this stuff. Service Dogs do not have a registry nationally. Anything that tells you, you need to register it online is just a scam trying to scam you out of your money. There is no national service dog registry. However California has a voluntary registry for their dogs but it’s not required for the state. Registration is voluntary and these guys are not in California.

I don’t know if any other states have recently come out with a voluntary program for service dogs so that would be interesting to know. If you guys are in Columbus let me know because every single state is different. You have to look up your own laws regarding service dogs, emotional support animals and you know it’s an individual endeavor.

This past December the police responded to a noise complaint for barking and exceeding the dog limit from one of the six neighbors. The original animal control officer who advised the family 18 months earlier had resigned his post and moved to Omaha. After two police interactions the family was informed it was out of compliance. Since jack is a registered service animal, under the law he’s considered a medical device (again you don’t need this registered BS okay. Yes they are considered medical device legally but it’s not because they’re registered).

When the telegram reached out to Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission a housing investigator with the Commission agreed with that opinion. We are in the process of drawing up a letter that will outline her unique situation having the animals. When one of the animals passes it will not be replaced. This would bring her into compliance with the city ordinance. She will sign the letter and a resolution will go before the City Council.

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