Stories of Autism Service Dogs

We want to share the good and we have a way you can help out a family raise funds for their daughter’s Autism Service Dog.
Noah Smith talked with the mom of a family looking for some help from an autism assistance dog and they take their two and a half year old daughter here to the school here for preschool every day for the past couple of weeks but social settings like school, they’re hard for their daughter who was diagnosed with autism and they hope that an Autism Service Dog or Assistant Dog can help them out and help her bring her out herself out of her shell.
We didn’t hear the mama dada um we kind of were like okay well let’s try like new sounds and even that has been a challenge. Taylor quickly realized her daughter was much different from her outgoing older sister. It’s funny because like Bristol will walk up to Bristol and just suck her thumb and you know charlotte just takes it she’s like she’s my sister I love her.
It normally takes a few hours to get the diagnosis for autism it only took Bristol an hour along with being considered non-verbal in her diagnosis she was diagnosed also as an eloper. and an eloper is someone who flees from each situation and I can’t always have an eye on her 24/7 and even when I do have my eye on her when I think of 24/7. The moment I blink the child is into something. So Taylor looked into getting an autism service dog to help her keep an eye on Bristol and hopefully get her out of her shell that’s where the autism service dog comes in. As well the  autism service dog helps with like oh there’s a dog let me pet it it forces her to interact with other people with approval for their new autism service dog, Orion.
Taylor and Bristol continue doing ABA therapy five days a week. We go obviously they haven’t gotten with the autism service dog yet and of course people do want a pet dog but we already know like you gotta ask permission if you can’t pet the autism service dog. Most of the time it’s gonna be no.
They have about seven thousand dollars but they still need twenty thousand dollars in total for the autism service dog.
They’re hoping to get that all done by April so that they can get their autism service dog, Orion and get it here to Livingston and have it all acquainted with the family and with Bristol of course and they hope to have that before the start of next school year.
It’s so important not only to know about the benefits of what an autism service dog can do but that you know families like this are in our community and they need our help so we appreciate that. Carrie says you may not pet our dog has been such a hard thing for us but we now understand that we are protecting our autism service dog and it makes life easier.
Kitchener family hoping to raise money to help teen daughter in need of an autism assistance service dog. A 15 year old Jessie needs a service dog to help her as she fights end stage renal failure a young kitchener girl is an urgent need of an autism service dog to help her through debilitating kidney disease 15 year old jessie gross’s mom Kim has set up a gofundme page hoping to raise 25 000 for a new autism service dog that will be specifically trained for Jesse’s needs.
Without getting into too much detail and keeping Jessie’s privacy it would help give some better therapy to help stop certain behaviors that are happening with her and help her cope better it would help give her some security. So obviously you know they don’t have to diverge any of their health information specifically but we’ve got a little summary of how this you know the dog’s gonna help. The 25,000 price tag includes the cost of the puppy, 24 months of training, handler harnesses, vests and insurance. Kim says Jessie is fighting hard against chronic kidney disease. Jessie is still stable thanks to her dialysis machine which runs 12 hours every night as far as the kidney disease she is keeping it stable as she possibly can until we can find a donor and she is transplanted but just having the kidney disease on top of the pandemic has caused anxieties to surface. 
The family is also encouraging people to become kidney donors as Jesse is still in need of a transplant hey anybody want to give a kidney transplant. 

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